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Spruce Up Your Diwali Wardrobe With Lusso Lifestyle

Diwali season is the most celebrated Indian festival and is known as the festival of lights. It brightens up our life and fills our hearts with immense joy and gratitude. Diwali brings an aura of positivity and newness with itself. Being one of the biggest festivals in India, Diwali is the time where people are involved in discarding the old and worn out items and invest in new and trendy objects like home/workplace decor, clothing, shoes, etc.


Household and workplaces are decorated with bright, colourful string lights and diyas are placed at the entrances of homes to invite Goddess Laxmi inside and bring harmony in our abodes. People buy new clothes and shoes to dapper up their wardrobes for the festivities and are enthusiastic about the upcoming events.


This Diwali, we want you to roll out in style and steal hearts while you walk and also invest in a pair of shoes that not only delivers quality and functionality but also makes you do a good cause this festive season.


Do you know that when you gift yourself or your loved ones a pair of new leather shoes, you are responsible for the loss of loved ones for many animals including cattle, reptiles, dogs and cats. Now that you know this, would you yet want to buy those leather shoes this Diwali?


If you have made your choice to save innocent lives this Diwali and yet don’t want to compromise on style and quality, we at Lusso Lifestyle would love to assist you with the same.


Below is our new collection which will rock your Diwali look.

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