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What Does Your Shoe Choice Speak About You?

Are you looking for a new shoe for work, the weekend, or somewhere in-between? Be thoughtful before you invest in your next pair of shoes as your choice of footwear can give people a sneak peek into your inner self. Even your favourite style of shoes can make a strong statement about your personality traits.

What are you saying about yourself with your choice in footwear? Find out below.

Work Boots:

Work boots are a practical look that is great for handling all of the challenges that you might face in a given day. It shows that you’re comfortable working with your hands. Work boots today can look good too, and there are plenty of options that allow you to show your style while getting the job done.

Classic Formal Black Shoes:

A hard worker, you are respectful towards others and expect them to treat you the same way.


Since these shoes require upkeep and care, they signify that you are a very stylish but high maintenance man.


If you often wear ankle-length boots, you give out the vibe of a masculine, trendy, detail oriented person, whom everyone adores.


Loafers are a great look to complement Oxfords in the office, but those who wear them can struggle with seeming a little old school, particularly if they are wearing squared toe shoes.

Contrast Sole Loafers:

The contrast sole, is something almost exclusively worn by people who have high self-confidence and bold personality. The flash of yellow or orange on a dressier or business-casual shoe can show that you’re there to work, but you’re also fun to spend time with.

Tassel Loafers:

Tassel loafers are a good example of a traditionally skewed style that is still considered an acceptable trend on a certain type of person. They may not be right for the 20-something, but they are a great choice for that person’s boss.


The Oxford is a very traditional shoe and one that is worn by a subset of people who appreciate the older, better things in life. In this sense, old doesn’t have to mean antiquated, but rather it can mean the feel of a fine, bespoke suit. It also shows that you care about having a good shoe that can complete the look. One subtle differentiating point is the fact that those who wear oxfords are also likely to transition into a trendy look after work as well.

Oxfords with lace:

You are a responsible man, who people often think of as gentlemanly.

Your shoes can speak on behalf of you and set’s a first impression before you do. What type of shoes embodies your style and personality?

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