Every sibling is tied in love with a unique bond. We all love our brothers and sisters however we all express it in different ways and forms. Some show love by being a parenting figure or some through mischievous acts, some through scolding and some through Tom and Jerry fights. Siblings often have that habit of fighting with each other and teasing each other, until the sister gets married. After that they miss every fight and teasing. They cannot share a tv remote but they share every happy moment with each other. They will eat each other’s chocolate that is secretly kept in fridge but when any one of them starts earning they will make sure they are buying perfect gift for her/him.

Brothers will always tease their sisters by tagging her with the ugliest hero but when it comes to real life they will find her the most perfect guy in the world. Sisters will act like they don’t care about your break-up, but they will surely fight with that girl for hurting her brother. Even if brothers act like a kid around sisters, they will become an adult as soon as sister’s marriage responsibility comes on their shoulder. Bond between brother and sister can have various meanings in varying aspects. But it is a special bond, compared to which you share with all other people present in the world. You two have each other’s back, no matter what. Raksha Bandhan is a perfect opportunity for you to show your love to your brother. Let your gift symbolise your bond.

What better than our plethora of men shoes with each pair signifying its own unique style, character and statement. Our vegan and cruelty-free shoes are crafted with immense love, care and understanding just like your bond. We want to make this Raksha Bandhan more special for you by offering a flat discount of 15 percent on all our shoes. USE CODE: BESTBRO

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