Our Story


Introducing Lusso Lifestyle - India's first men's vegan luxury wear brand, founded by Bhaveen A Doshi, an animal lover who once used leather products from high-end brands. Our brand is driven by a strong mission: to offer cruelty-free alternatives that suit your sense of style.

Bhaveen's journey began with a desire to uncover the truth behind these exquisite products, but he was confronted with distressing realities of animal abuse. This realisation deeply disturbed him and motivated him to raise awareness and find a solution.

After months of dedicated research and collaboration with industry experts, we sourced the best, top of the line, vegan microfibres. These materials not only match the appeal of leather but also provide comparable comfort and durability.


The launch of Lusso Lifestyle's dress shoe line for men received overwhelming support from customers and celebrities, highlighting the demand for compassionate alternatives.

The name "Lusso" reflects our mission - Luxury doesn't have to depend on leather. Our shoes, though not made from traditional leather, never compromise on quality. They embody style, comfort, and sheer beauty. Lusso Lifestyle proudly offers an alternative for those seeking cruelty-free choices.

Lusso Lifestyle invites you to embrace a conscious lifestyle by choosing veganism, not only in your diet but also in the products you select. Our products represent sustainable alternatives that align with your values.

At Lusso Lifestyle, we redefine luxury by seamlessly blending style and compassion. We believe that each step you take should reflect your commitment to a better future - one that respects animals and the environment.

By choosing Lusso Lifestyle, you make a statement. Join us in creating a more compassionate world and rewriting the concept of luxury, one step at a time.

Welcome to Lusso Lifestyle, where luxury and compassion coexist, and where your choices pave the way for a brighter future.