Must-Have Men's Shoes & Best Materials

Must-Have Men's Shoes & Best Materials

In the realm of fashion, shoes hold a pivotal role in defining a man's style and comfort. Whether for a formal event, a casual day out, or vigorous sports activities, the right pair of shoes can uplift your entire outfit and, importantly, your confidence. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore must-have shoes for men, delve into which brand shoes are best, discover which shoe color goes with everything, and understand which material is best for shoes.

Must-Have Shoes for Men

The shoes a man chooses can significantly impact both his style and comfort. Here’s a detailed guide to understanding the top must-have shoes for men, ensuring that you have a versatile and stylish shoe collection that meets all occasions and needs.

The Classic Oxford:

The Oxford shoe is a fundamental piece among must-have shoes for men, especially for those looking to maintain a sharp and sophisticated appearance in formal settings. Oxfords are distinguished by their closed lacing system, which offers a streamlined look, making them perfect for business attire, formal gatherings, or weddings. The simplicity and elegance of the design enhance the formality of the attire, making Oxford Shoes a top choice in must-have shoes for men for any significant event.

The Rugged Boots:

Another critical category in the must-have shoes for men is boots. Boots are uniquely versatile, offering options like the sleek Chelsea boots or the more durable and tough combat boots. They provide excellent protection and durability, making them suitable must-have shoes for men for both adventurous endeavours and stylish urban wear. Their robust build does not compromise on style, making them perfect must-have shoes for men who enjoy a blend of function and fashion.

The Loafers for Leisure:

Loafers stand out among must-have shoes for men for their luxury and ease. Known for their slip-on design, loafers are ideal for a variety of occasions, from a laid-back office setting to leisurely weekends. They are most commonly found in suede and vegan leather, materials that elevate their look, making them fashionable must-have shoes for men. Their comfort and stylish appearance make loafers indispensable must-have shoes for men seeking practical yet chic footwear.


Which Brand Shoes Are Best?

When considering which brand shoes are best, it's essential to focus on various factors such as quality, durability, design, and specific usage needs.

Lusso Lifestyle:

Lusso Lifestyle earns a unique place in the conversation about which brand shoes are best, especially for those seeking vegan and cruelty-free options. As India’s first men's vegan luxury wear brand, Lusso Lifestyle merges ethical practices with elegant design, making it an exemplary brand for those who prioritize both style and sustainability. This makes Lusso Lifestyle a significant point of reference when discussing which brand of shoes are best for the eco-friendly and fashion-forward individual.

Lusso Lifestyle is committed to cruelty-free fashion, using premium vegan microfibres and Italian rubber soles. This ensures that each pair of shoes is not only environmentally friendly but also durable and comfortable. Lusso Lifestyle offers a range of styles that can compliment any outfit. The brand has garnered support from celebrities and fashion icons, further cementing its reputation for excellence. By choosing Lusso Lifestyle, customers are not only investing in superior footwear but also supporting a brand that prioritizes the welfare of animals and the environment, making a positive impact with every step.

Which Shoe Colour Goes With Everything?

Choosing the right shoe colour is crucial as it can make or break an outfit. Here are some colours to consider when you wonder which shoe colour goes with everything:

1. Black

A classic black shoe is perhaps the most versatile option available. It pairs well with almost every colour and is suitable for both formal and casual attire.

2. Brown

These shoes offer warmth and versatility. Brown shoes are ideal for blue, green, beige, and darker earth tones, making them a close second when choosing which shoe colour goes with everything.

3. Grey

These shoes are increasingly popular and grey shoes due to their modern appeal and the ability to match with a wide range of colours, including blues and blacks.


4. Navy

These shoes are a sophisticated choice that works well with most jeans and chinos, often considered when thinking about which shoe colour goes with everything, Navy Color shoes look best, especially in more casual looks.


Which Material Is Best for Shoes?

The material of a shoe affects its comfort, durability, and suitability for different weather conditions. Here are some top choices when considering which material is best for shoes:

1. Vegan Leather

Vegan leather made of micro-fibres is rapidly emerging as the superior choice for formal and business footwear, outshining traditional leather. Known for their remarkable durability and premium feel, vegan leather shoe microfibers offer a sustainable and cruelty-free alternative. These materials are quickly becoming the preferred choice for those who value both style and ethics.

2. Vegan Suede

This material is softer than traditional leather, offers a stylish look and is commonly used in casual shoes. Vegan Suede provides a balance of comfort and elegance, making it another excellent option for shoe materials.

3. Synthetic

For those who prefer vegan options, synthetic materials offer an animal-friendly alternative without sacrificing quality, addressing which material is best for shoes from an ethical standpoint.

4. Canvas

Canvas is lightweight and breathable, ideal for casual shoes and sneakers. It’s often considered when determining which material is best for shoes for everyday wear.

Balancing Aesthetic Appeal with Functional Benefits

In the ever-evolving landscape of men's fashion, shoes are not just a statement of style but also a testament to functionality. The modern man requires footwear that not only complements his outfit but also provides comfort and withstands the test of time. Here’s how today’s footwear meets these multifaceted demands:

Aesthetic Appeal

Modern men's shoes come in a variety of designs, each tailored to different tastes and occasions. Brands are increasingly blending classic styles with contemporary flair to create shoes that make a visual impact while retaining their timeless appeal.


Comfort is paramount in the design of modern footwear. Advances in shoe technology have led to the development of ergonomic soles, breathable materials, and cushioning that comfort the foot’s natural shape.


Durability is a crucial factor, especially in work boots and performance shoes. Vegan leather stands out in this regard, offering exceptional resilience and the ability to maintain its shape and appearance over time. Unlike traditional leather, vegan leather is designed with advanced synthetic fibers that enhance weather resistance, making it an ideal choice for enduring the rigors of daily use.

Innovative Materials

The use of innovative materials such as recycled plastics and vegan leather reflects a growing commitment to sustainability within the shoe industry. These materials not only meet ethical standards but are also engineered to match the strength and comfort of traditional materials, proving that functional benefits need not be sacrificed for environmental responsibility.

How to Choose the Right Shoe

Selecting the right pair of shoes can be a daunting task given the vast array of options available. Here are some guidelines to help you choose shoes based on fit, comfort, purpose, and style:


Measure Your Feet: Always start with accurate measurements of your feet. Sizes can vary between brands, so knowing your exact size is crucial.

Check for Space: Ensure there is about a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe to avoid cramping.

Try on Shoes in the Afternoon: Feet naturally expands throughout the day; trying on shoes in the afternoon can help you find a better fit.


Prioritize Arch Support: Shoes should support the arch of your foot to avoid discomfort. Consider insoles if your shoes lack sufficient arch support.


Match Shoes to the Occasion: Wear dress shoes for formal events and sturdy boots or comfortable sneakers for casual outings.

Consider the Environment: Waterproof or insulated shoes are advisable for harsh weather, while lighter materials are better for indoor use or mild conditions.


Coordinate with Your Wardrobe: Choose shoes that complement your existing wardrobe in colour and style.

Follow Seasonal Trends: Opt for darker, richer colours and thicker materials in colder months and lighter colours and materials when it’s warm.


In conclusion, understanding the essentials about must-have shoes for men, which brand shoes are best, which shoe colour goes with everything, and which material is best for shoes, can significantly enhance not only your wardrobe but also your comfort and confidence in various settings. Shoes are not just a practical necessity; they are a cornerstone of personal expression.

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